When you’re looking local movers to hire for your upcoming move, you should choose a company that is willing to help with every step of the moving process. There can be a lot of confusion and uncertainty about what affordable movers in Austin will provide when you hire them, but there’s certainly an enormous peace of mind that comes when hiring a professional company to help.

You’ve more than likely got plenty to think about if you’re moving to a new city, have to learn a new job, or are simply unpacking your entire household in a new home. That’s why we want to help! Mighty E’s Moving will reduce the worry and stress that comes with this task, making us one of the best moving companies in Austin.


Most local movers in Austin and out of state moving companies in Austin, including ours, will provide all the materials needed to move, like new boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. This is part of the complete service we provide as well as our trucks, staff, and whatever else may be needed to complete the job. Not only do we offer local moving services, but we are also one of the most affordable moving companies in Austin.

Additionally, if you want help packing your belongings, we can do that too! Whether you hire us to move your goods or not, we can be hired to pack up anything and everything, and we will do so with precision and care.


How do we fit within most people’s budget for moving? Well, first we have a fixed hourly rate with a minimum of two hours. Most jobs, even small one bedroom apartments, will need this much time to finish. Most state to state movers will charge by the mile.

Every situation will be different and we’ll make our estimates to suit whatever your particular circumstances are. Many jobs will fall within the $150 to $250 range with all the necessary supplies included. As long as you provide us with all the details of your specific moving job, we’ll give you an accurate and fair price.


One service we have performed for a long time that other movers in Austin don’t often do is moving pianos. We estimate that we’ve moved about 2000 pianos since we’ve been in business, most of them going up and down all sorts of staircases in many buildings. In 2003 we completed a 42 unit move with over 1.5 million dollars of pianos.

It took a day and a half and when all was said and done there was zero damage. So when you’re searching for Austin Piano movers or just looking to get moving company quotes, be sure to contact us. We take great pride in our work and would love the opportunity to serve you and your moving needs.


Not only are we one of the most reputable out of state movers in Austin, but we also help move pianos, do any moving work for a residential or commercial space, and even haul off brush and junk to the appropriate places. We’re going to do everything we can to decrease your worries and get your stuff moved damage-free. Get a free quote today!

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