If you’re not accustomed to moving regularly, the thought of packing your entire life into boxes may be a bit overwhelming. Another way we can serve our customers and neighbors is to share our expertise in moving, so we wanted to provide some basic moving tips for you! These tips have helped us become one of the best moving companies in Austin, as well as one of the most affordable movers in Austin. You see, in order to be one of the most affordable moving companies in Austin, we must work efficiently, and we must have a procedure for getting everything boxed up and in the truck as quickly as possible. Although our rates are quite affordable, we do charge by the hour. Tips like the ones we’re about to share will also help you prepare for our arrival….


Garage Sale

The first thing you’ll want to have done before hiring local movers in Austin is to clear your home of the things you don’t want anymore or things that are unsafe to travel with. You could consider having a yard sale to get rid of some furniture or other knick-knacks, or donate your clothes to the local Goodwill or similar organization. We definitely recommend throwing away flammable paints and chemicals, as well as emptying fuel from your mowers or trimmers. Finally, it’s essential to separate everything you don’t want to include in the move, like your personal documents, children’s toys, and electrical goods you’ll use often. It can be beneficial to keep some items separate from the bulk of your goods to make the transition and travel easier. Another thing to consider is finding temporary storage ahead of time in your new location if you need to. 


The materials we use on every job includes boxes of all kinds (even for mattresses), as well as packing peanuts, scissors, tissue paper, markers, labels, and tape. It’s important for you to pack one room at a time, and then pack a couple of boxes every day up until it’s time to move. This will help you to not get overwhelmed. Every box you use should be strong enough to hold whatever it is you’re putting in, and heavier items should be at the bottom. It will also benefit you to label boxes as thoroughly as possible so that unpacking is easier. When you’re looking for moving company quotes, be sure to ask if the quote includes packing. It may be worth it to have professional packers help you before your move to streamline the entire process. If you’re searching for “moving companies near me,” rest assured that we will do everything we can to help everything arrive damage free, including packing and moving with care and precision. 

Packing Materials

Damage Free Is The Way To Be!